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More than a decade BlindSight has been a leading provider of biosignal methods consulting and biosignal data analysis services both to the phar- maceutical industry and to the neuroscientific research community. What can we do for you?



BlindSight always played an active role in research and has partnered with international research and commercial organizations in grant projects.



Excellent science relies on excellent hard- and software and true to this belief we proudly represent some of the greatest international manufacturers in biosignal acquisition and analysis.

Our Mission


Good Science

We believe that good science not only requires brilliant minds but also requires excellent methods, software and hardware to achieve optimal results.



At BlindSight we are the partner scientists and commercial institutions can rely on for excellence in science consulting and analysis services.


Time is money

With our 40 node Biosignal Analysis farm we can achieve time to result at a fraction of the regular time, irrespective of data size or dataset count.


Staff Experience

Our staff are experts with 30+ years of experience in biosignal analysis - All to your benefit...

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