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BlindSight GmbH's History and Mission ...

BlindSight GmbH was founded in 2001 by its current owner and president, Dr. Marie Gutberlet with the initial aim to provide sophisticated biosignal data analysis and consulting services to two fields: The pharmaceutical clinical trials field and the EEG technology field.

Within a few years, BlindSight rapidly established itself as a reliable partner to many of the major pharmaceutical companies, providing a full set of pre phase 2 services ranging from experimental design and implementation, study equipment related services, data acquisition and study monitoring, biosignal data and statistical analysis to the generation of reports.


At the same time BlindSight took over all scientific support, educational as welll as many of the rapid prototyping activities for Brain Products GmbH, a world leader in the development of EEG software and hardware. Over the course of the 10 years that followed, BlindSight helped to reshape the field of EEG analysis with its major contributions to the development of novel and innovative methods for BrainVision Analyzer Professional, Brain Products EEG revolutionary analysis tool, which quickly became the market leading EEG analysis package.


Starting in 2003, BlindSight and Brain Products dedicated substantial effort to furthering the understanding of the dynamics and signal characteristics of EEG data derived currently with fMRI in the MRI scanner environment. BlindSight contributed numerous algorithms and methods for the detection, analysis and optimal correction of MR gradient and cardioballistic artefacts in EEG/MR data. BlindSight is recognized as a leader in this field today.


Early in 2005, Dr. Gutberlet co-founded BrainVision LLC, a Herndon, VA based company distributing devices for neurophysiological research and with special emphasis on EEG and EEG/fMRI data acquisition systems. BrainVision LLC quickly established itself as the premier provider of EEG and especially EEG/fMRI systems to the North American sphere.


In 2009, BlindSight GmbH sold BrainVision LLC to concentrate its Biosignal Consulting and Medical Technology distribution activities more directly on the "nearby" EU markets.

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