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NeurOne Tesla is the new star among the multi-purpose EEG+ExG systems, with full TMS and MR compatibility for highly accurate recordings in- and outside the MR environment. 

NeurOne Tesla provides more speed and accuracy for EEG AC/DC full band measurements, EMG/EP, SEP and NCV than any other EEG system on the market.

NeurOne Tesla is fully MRI conditional at up to 7T and externally clock synchronizable.

Experience the future of EEG, EEG/MR and general Biosignal measurement, now!

NeurOne Tesla EEG/MRI System

  • - Fully MRI/fMRI conditional (up to 7T) EEG+ExG recording System.
    - Modular EEG+ExG system, expandable from 40 to 160 channels.
    - Each headbox module has 32 unipolar & 8 bipolar channels .
    - Cascade up to 9 main units for a maximum of 1440 channels.
    - Max sampling rate: 10 kHz (160 chnls) to 80 kHz (20 chnls).
    - A/D resolution: 24 bit, Impedance: 1 GOHm, CMRR: >106 dB.
    - Sensitivity DC: 51nV/bit, +/-430 mV; AC: 10.2nV/bit, +/-86 mV.
    - AC/DC measurement mode selectable for each channel.
    - DC Mode (Full Band EEG): Max Bandwidth: 0.0 Hz to 3.5 kHz.
    - AC Mode (Conventional EEG): Max Bandwidth: 0.16 Hz to 3.5 kHz.
    - Triggers: 2 isolated TTL in-/outputs, 8 unisolated TTL inputs.
    - Flexible fiber optical connection between headbox & main unit.
    - Ethernet interface for data exchange with recording PC.
    - 2 amplifier headboxes powered by rechargeable battery.
    - Recording software fully 64-bit and Win7/8.x compatible.
    - Compatibility: BrainVision Analyzer, BESA, EEGLAB/MATLAB.
    - Device Classification: MDD class lla, Type BF applied part.
    - Safety: EN60601-1, EN60601-1-1/2/4, EN60601-2-26.
    - Components: Amplifier, headbox, electrode box, power supply,
    - Fiber optics, ethernet & trigger cables, recording software.
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