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With more than 30 years of active experience in experimental and stimulation protocol design and with a world class reputation in EEG and EEG/fMRI methods design, we have just the tools to help you find and implement the perfect design for your experimental needs.


We also have vast experience in the planning and supervision of clinical trials with any form of PD involvement and can offer whole packages with study inception, protocol design, equipment lease, study supervision, state of the art PD data analysis, statistics and reporting.


Founded as a spinoff from the university based Neuroscience research sphere, BlindSight GmbH sees itself as a research company catering to the needs of the scientific community and thus also as an active part of the research domain itself.


BlindSight actively interacts with many scientific organizations in smaller and larger projects and we are proud to be a full partner in the multi-national EU project "Adaptive Brain Computations" funded by the FP7 framework of the European Union.


Excellent science requires the use of only the best technology for subject/patient stimulation, data acquisition, signal integration and data analysis.


Choosing exactly the right equipment for your experiements early on is paramount to research success and we are there to help with this process.


We distribute the market leading data acquisition systems for EEG, EKG, EMG, EDA and other bio- signals as well as video and audio stimulation systems and patient response systems for use in normal lab environments and in MR environments.

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