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Research Services

BlindSight may primarily be a consulting and methods development company, but it is one that likes to put its developments to the test in "real life" research. And more often than not, our developments are stimulated by our contact with research or result directly from research that we had an active part in. To us, this is a perfect match allowing us to do what we love and remain an active part of the domain we love ...

EU Research

BlindSight GmbH is dedicated to furthering the un- derstanding of the human central nervous system and its plasticity in health and disease.


The "big" questions that arise here are best answer- ed by multi-disciplinary and multi-national research consortia and BlindSight is proud to be a member of EU project "Adaptive Brain Computations", which is a European Community Seventh Framework Initial Training Network.


The project consortium consists of eight partner organizations from the academic and industrial fields and hosts 14 fellows who work on a great variety of projects but with intense interconnections within the ABC project partner organizations.

Academic Research

True to its origins in the academic neuroscience research field, BlindSight to this day has a profound interest in academic research collaborations.


As a private enterprise BlindSight is not embedded in a academic and university context and thus does not have laboratory resources to conduct its own studies in or has access to thousands of students.


But with its strong focus on methods in biosignal analysis BlindSight brings profound methodological experience, required manpower and often also the necessary equipment to the table, thereby helping to create a perfect synergy between the strengths of academic research institutions and those of a private sector companies.

Pharma Research

Due to its long years of expertise in the clinical trials consulting, BlindSight is frequently asked to conduct clinical trials related studies or to participate in them.


For these types of research activities, BlindSight is typically charged with the conduct of a study as a whole package.


BlindSight then provides all study related services from the operationalization of the experimental variables, the study design, finding appropriate CRO partners, providing study related equipment and software, training all personnel, overseeing the study conduct and performing data and statistical analyses and report generation.

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