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Areas of Expertise

We can provide our clients with services that cover a wide range of experimental and analytical methods for research related to behavioral, psychological, physiological and endocrinological measures. From the inception of experimental designs, the generation of experimental and stimulation paradigms to the analysis of biosignal and behavioral data.
Biosignal Analysis


We provide all standard state of the art and most advanced biosignal analysis methods


  • Advanced ERP processing and analysis

  • Advanced FFT spectral analysis

  • Wavelet decomposition analysis (CWT)

  • Phase locking and Coherency analysis

  • Independent component analysis (ICA)

  • Empirical mode decomposition (EMD)

  • State of the art EKG & HRV analysis

  • State of the art EMG & EDA analysis

Biosignal Methods


We can provide any custom biosignal analysis method based on your ideas or on literature.


  • Data preprocessing and artefact correction

  • Data handling and import/export filter tools

  • Data decomposition and recomposition tools

  • Data analysis methods for arbitrary biosignals

  • Realtime and Offline data processing tools

  • Platforms: Matlab, EEGLAB, BrainVision Analyzer, OpenVibe

  • Tools: Matlab, VBA/VB, C#, Python

Experimental Design


We create any experimental design and stimu-lation protocols using all state of the art tools


  • Wide range of experimental design tools available, such as E-Prime, Presentation, SuperLab, PsychoPy, OpenSesame, etc.

  • Any type of stimulation paradigm possible, e.g. Visual, Auditory, Haptic, Somato-sensory, Pain Stimulation, etc.

  • Experimental workstations for lease

  • DigiTimer nerve/pain Stimulators for lease

  • Biosignal acquisition systems for lease

Clinical Trials Design

​Generation of experimental paradigms that target the substance/receptor mechanism


  • Fast time to result through "decision experiment" designs.

  • Early phase 1 answers regarding"clinical efficacy" possible.

  • High experimental power for low subject count and reduced hospital stays.

  • Economical experimentation through intelligent design of high power studies.

Clinical Trials Analysis

We provide all services and methods required for state of the art clinical trials research


  • All study data handling GCP conformant

  • All study data entry DDE conformant

  • All study data manually/visually inspected

  • Automated artefact/AE detection methods

  • Full spectrum of PD related analyses

  • Advanced ERP and decomposition analyses

  • Sleep research analyses (no staging)

  • Automatic integration of behavioral data

Behavioral Analysis

We have the psychodiagnostic know how to provide any behavioral & questionaire analyses


  • All standard psychodiagnostic inventories

  • Visual Analog and other rating scales

  • Paper-Pencil tests with computerized input

  • Fully computerized and web based tests

  • Behavioral observation analyses

  • FACS recording and analyses

  • Eye & Gaze tracking recording and analyses

  • Computerized subject response analyses

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