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The Smarting is the most flexible and powerful 24 channel mobile EEG system available today.

The Smarting EEG base package consists of the 24 channel high-resolution EEG amplifier itself along with Bluetooth dongle for data transmission and optionally with a Long Range BT Dongle.


It comes with drivers and applications providing full OpenViBE and BCI2000 integration for mobile BCI applications and for those hybrid situations where mobile acquisition but stationary recording is needed, a fully featured (Windows PC) recording and data viewing application is included as well.


Add to this package one or more 24 channel high quality EEG caps with a Standard layout according to the 10-20 standard or with a more Motor Cortex oriented layout and you are ready to record. And to get you off to a flying start, we can also offer you a "cap starter kit" that contains everything you need for cap and subject preparation including 40 syringes pre-filled with high quality EEG electrolyte gel, ready for direct application to the electrodes.


The optional Smarting MOBI package consists of a high quality Sony Xperia Smartphone preloaded with a fully featured Smarting data aquisition app and comes with a one year license for Presentation Mobile™ and a six month license for Presentation Desktop™ for fully mobile and offsite recordings and experimental stimulation.

Smarting EEG System

  • The word “mobile” is often used to describe even those systems that require effort to move. The Smarting device neither compromises on mobility nor on the quality of the recorded physiological data. The Smarting device has no wires, weighs virtually nothing and simply makes its user forget he is wearing a powerful biosignal device for ...

    * Cognitive studies
    * Neurofeedback testing
    * Multimodal biofeedback studies, e.g. EEG & EMG signals
    * Epilepsy/ seizure investigation
    * Sleep/fatigue studies
    * Research projects
    * BCI platforms
    * Mental control

    > General characteristic

    Device Name: Smarting 24
    Channel Count: 24
    Channel Type: Referential
    Input impedance: 500 MΩ
    Input Noise: < 1 µV
    Input Range: 200 mVpp
    CMMR: >110 dB
    Gain: 24
    Gyroscope: 3D Built-in

    > AD conversion

    Sampling frequency: 500 Hz
    Sampling method: Parallel sampling
    Resolution: 24-bits
    Bandwidth: 0-250 Hz, true DC performance
    Anti-alias Filter: Yes
    Active Ground (Bias): Yes

    > Communication type

    Wireless Communications: Bluetooth v2.1 + EDR
    Bluetooth range: Up to 10 meters

    > Power

    Power Supply: Mini-USB rechargeable battery
    Battery type: Li-Polymer Battery, 560 mAh, 3.7 V
    Operation time: ~4 hours
    Connectors: Table Cell
    Electrode Connectors: IDC

    > Dimensions

    Physical Box Size: 82x51x12 mm
    Weight: 60 grams
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