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StimTracker Quad is the ultimate solutions to all of your event connectivity needs, containing not only the comprehensive set of features and connectors of StimTracker Duo, but going a long ways beyond that to give you complete control over marking, syncing and auditing your experimental event markers even for the most demanding experimental setups and paradigms.


It comes with 3+1 light sensor ports for marking the onset of visual stimuli, it can detect and mark the onset of auditory stimuli as well as the onset of vocal responses via microphone, it integrates easily with any Cedrus RB series key pad, it accepts external TTL input and output and it can send time stamped output via USB. And should this not convince you then maybe the optional Raspberry Pi support will?


And no need to worry about incompatible connectors, pin assignments, and custom cables, it's done for you. StimTracker Quad has three m-pod ports allowing you to connect your StimTracker Quad to 3 devices such as EEG or Eye Tracking devices at the same time to send and receive event data from/to them. Please contact us for the available m-pod connectivity options.


* All prices given are for B2B and thus exclusive of VAT.

StimTracker Quad

  • * 3+1 lightsensors inputs
    * 2 audio channel inputs

    * Voice key input (via microphone)
    * RB-Pad input port

    * External TTL input

    * Direct TTL output

    * USB time stamped output

    * Raspberry Pi Support (optional)

    * 3 m-pod input/output ports


    * Jitter free USB 2ms latency

    * Software support: SuperLab, E-Prime

    * Programming support: C++, Python, E-Basic

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