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For patient comfort, or for fMRI audio stimulation, the Silent Scan 3200 system is offering hearing protection against MR system noise as well as crystal clear communication and - of course - patient entertainment.

SS-3200 MR Audio System

  • SS-3200 Silent Scan™ Hearing Protection, Patient Entertainment and Patient Communication System:

    The SS-3200 offers all you would expect from a state-of-the-art patient communication and entertainment system, but at the same time is a supremely simple system, rugged and reliable.

    Whether you use it for patient communication, for fMRI audio stimulation, or simply for patient comfort, the Silent Scan 3200 system is so much more than just an ordinary MR music system.

    And if you need even more features, have a look at the experiment ready calibrated Silent Scan SS-3300.

    SS-3200 Features:

    * MR-compatible and MR-safe patient communication system
    * True duplex-channel communication with the MR subject.
    * Three analog inputs, for CD, iPod or experimental sounds.
    * Two digital inputs for optimal MR immune sound quality.
    * Scan-Lock Plus™ connector for complete channel separation.

    The excellent noise reduction offered by the Silent Scan headset, as well as a high SPL output, ensures audio stimulation for the most demanding applications.

    And Silent Scan’s great reliability means you spend time on your research, not time worrying about your equipment.

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