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Real Eye RE-4x21™ - Combines binocular visual stimulation and simultaneous binocular eye tracking/monitoring in one state-of-the-art package.

RE4x21 MR Eye Tacking System

  • State of the art binocular eye tracking/monitoring fully integrated with the SV-7021 fibre optic glasses:

    The RE-4x21 is the perfect choice for demanding research applications that require both binocular visual stimulation and simultaneous binocular eye monitoring and tracking.

    The RE-4x21 is extraordinarily simple to use because it is completely integrated into the SV-7021 fiber optic glasses. There are no adjustments to be made; once the patient can see the image in the glasses, an eye image is automatically available, and eye tracking can start immediately.

    The RE-4x21 is safe, because all components inside the scanner bore are glass or plastic. There are no electrical parts inside the bore, so you never have to worry about noise or artifacts. Any magnet. Any time.

    Also available for monocular eye tracking/monitoring applications as a RE-4x01 version.
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