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Collecting subject responses with standard PC keyboards is beridden with many problems. The keyboard response timing accuracy is questionable at best, the keys are small which makes entry error prone and the layout is maximally unergonomical for experimental response acquisition.

Cedrus fourth generation of their RB series response pads address all of the above issues in an optimal fashion.

The RB series response pads are microprocessor controlled and contain own timing logic to guarantee millisecond response time accuracy under all circumstances.

The available pad layouts, key sizes, caps and colors directly support your experimental paradigm. If your task is a spatial one, chose a spatial pad orientation. And if you need accurate bimanual responses, choose a slanted pad design.

* All prices given are for B2B and thus exclusive of VAT.

RB Response Pads

  • Why Use a Response Pad? - There are a number of reasons for using a response pad instead of a keyboard, mainly:

    * Resolution

    Cedrus' response pads offer 1 millisecond reaction time resolution. By contrast, the Mac keyboard (pre iMac) offers 4 milliseconds or (iMacs and later) 10-12 milliseconds. The PC's resolution ranges between 20 and 35 milliseconds for PS2 keyboards and 10-12 milliseconds for USB keyboards.

    * Simplicity

    A typical keyboard has 105 keys. This can be confusing to participants and might render the reaction time data meaningless if they spend a lot of time looking for the correct key. This factor is particularly important for certain groups such as children, participants with Alzheimer's Disease, and novice computer users.

    * Customizable

    Every response pad includes, free, color and clear key tops. This makes it even easier for participants to follow instructions (e.g. press green key if correct or red if incorrect) and helps improve further the quality of the collected reaction times.

    RB Series Response Pad Featuresand Benefits:

    * USB interfacecompatible with Windows and Mac OS.
    * Replaceable key tops, customize pads to any experiment.
    * Built-in reaction time measurement with hardware timing.
    * Universal compatibility with most stimulation programs.
    * No batteries or A/C adapter required.
    * Accessory Connector with six general purpose TTL lines.
    * Upgradeable firmware via simple file downloads.
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