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The head coil is the element of the MR experience that stands most clearly for the restriction of space and movement experienced by the participant.

The MRI head coil therefore is an essential accessory for the MRI Simulator for participants to experience the full MRI scanning environment. The more realistic an - although functionally "mock" - head coil is, the more effective will the training of the participants to reduce anxiety an excessive movement be.

Therefore, each of the PST mock Head Coils is a true dimensional representation of the manufacturer's actual head coils.

PST MR Simulator Head Coils

  • Each head coil is keyed to fit securely to the table of the MRI Simulator and has an available head pad for participant comfort.

    Multiple head coils can be used with the same MR Simulator, as all models are interchageable, thus providing a very cost effective solution for larger and more diverse MRI Centers using several MR scanner makes and models.

    * Realistic model of the original manufacturer's head coil.
    * Mock head coil fits securely to the MR Simulator table.
    * Mock coil comes with head pad for participant comfort.
    * All head coils interchangeably fit the MR Simulator table.
    * All head coils can be fitted with a rear facing mirror.
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