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Get reliable stimulus and responses delivery every time...

PST has added a whole host of new advanced features and functionality to their brand new Chronos Multifunctional Stimulus/Response system.

Note: The Custom Toolkit, I/O Expander kit and the single or double Footpedal shown above are optional extras. For full access to all digital and analog inputs/outputs, the optional I/O expander is required.

Chronos Optional Accessories
Custom Expansion Toolkit 110.00 €
Chronos Single Foot Pedal 95.00 €
Chronos Double Foot Pedal 175.00 €
Chronos I/O Expander Box 395.00 €

* All prices given are for B2B and thus exclusive of VAT.

PST Chronos System

  • The Chronos system sports 16/16 digital inputs and outputs and 3/4 analog inputs and outputs, a pulse generator, five integrated keys and voice key capabilities. It also has a built in photo diode for accurate video triggering and timing and delivers accurate and consistent audio stimulation across machines and stimulation platforms.
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