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NeurOne is the new star among the multi-purpose EEG+ExG systems, with full TMS compatibility for highly accurate recordings in any environment.

NeurOne provides more speed and accuracy for EEG AC/DC full band measurements, EMG/EP, SEP and NCV than any other EEG system on the market.

NeurOne is fully synchronizable with external clocks, e.g. for synchronous EEG/TMS recordings.

Experience the future of EEG, EEG/TMS and general Biosignal measurement, now!

NeurOne Tesla EEG/TMS System

  • - Modular EEG+ExG system, expandable from 40 to 160 channels.
    - Each headbox module has 32 unipolar & 8 bipolar channels .
    - Cascade up to 9 main units for a maximum of 1440 channels.
    - Max sampling rate: 10 kHz (160 chnls) to 80 kHz (20 chnls).
    - A/D resolution: 24 bit, Impedance: 1 GOHm, CMRR: >106 dB.
    - Sensitivity DC: 51nV/bit, +/-430 mV; AC: 10.2nV/bit, +/-86 mV.
    - AC/DC measurement mode selectable for each channel.
    - DC Mode (Full Band EEG): Max Bandwidth: 0.0 Hz to 3.5 kHz.
    - AC Mode (Conventional EEG): Max Bandwidth: 0.16 Hz to 3.5 kHz.
    - Triggers: 2 isolated TTL in-/outputs, 8 unisolated TTL inputs.
    - Flexible fiber optical connection between headbox & main unit.
    - Ethernet interface for data exchange with recording PC.
    - 2 Amplifier headboxes powered by rechargeable battery.
    - Recording software fully 64-bit and Win7/8.x compatible.
    - Compatibility: BrainVision Analyzer, BESA, EEGLAB/MATLAB.
    - Device Classification: MDD class lla, Type BF applied part.
    - Safety: EN60601-1, EN60601-1-1/2/4, EN60601-2-26.
    - Components: Amplifier, headbox, electrode box, power supply,
    - Fiber optics, ethernet & trigger cables, recording software.
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