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MoTrak allows you to track the subject's head movements in the MRI Simulator for training purposes. 

MoTrak software uses Ascension Technology’s Flock of Birds with a sensor attached to the subject’s head to determine the position of the head in space relative to the transmitter. The sensor records angular rotations as well as positional displacements from an initially calibrated position.

This information is displayed and logged by the program in real-time, allowing observation of head motion in an MRI simulator.

MoTrak™ MR Motion Tracker

  • In the simulator, the participant can simultaneously be habituated to the MRI environment, while being trained to remain still via feedback from the MoTrak system.

    The goal is to monitor how much the participant moves while the scan is in progress. If a participant moves too much, it can potentially result in unusable data and wasted resources.

    The MoTrak Head Motion Tracking System is composed of

    * MoTrak software
    * MoTrak transmitter and receiver
    * Head mounting straps
    * Power supply (100-240V)
    * Necessary accessory cabling for full use and function

    MoTrak™ Features

    * Linear feedback of X,Y,Z movement (coordinates)
    * Rotational feedback on X,Y,Z axis (Pitch, Roll, Yaw)
    * User defined thresholds for motion detection
    * Graphic output of participant motion
    * Auditory feedback when movement limit has been reached
    * Visual feedback of head motion via a user display
    * Movie playback with head motion contingent pause feature
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