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Visual presentation is central to almost all fMRI experiments. 

Previous fMRI display technologies involved compromises on image quality and presentation speed. LCD technology is slow, with low contrast images and imprecise analog VGA.

These may be acceptable for tenth of a second resolution displays where image quality and repeatability can be overlooked, but we are pleased to announce these compromises are no longer necessary...

Hyperion™ MRI Projector

  • The Hyperion MRI Digital Projection System features a native resolution of 1920 x 1080 (1080p) and synchronized image frame rate with continuous monitoring for optimum presentation and timing of fMRI experiments.

    The system uses Digital Light Processing® (DLP) technology that provides microsecond pixel rise times, outstanding contrast with all-digital fiber optic control that allows you to project crystal clear, sharp images. The Hyperion MRI Digital Projection System has been validated for use in 1.5T, 3T, and 7T MRI environments.

    The Hyperion MRI Digital Projection System includes:

    High resolution (1920 x 1080) DLP Projector with RF filtered enclosure, custom lens assembly, digital video (DVI) over fiber, high flow fans, internal thermal sensor
    Control Room Console to perform DVI to Fiber conversion, remotely power down the projector, and show the device status.

    A 30 meter fiber optic cable that runs between the projector and projector control station (longer lengths available with additional charge).

    The Hyperion MRI Digital Projection System Accessories:

    * Heavy duty, magnet compatible, projector stand.

    * High resolution lenticular pitch rear projection screen with nonmagnetic stand for high quality image production.

    * Heavy duty, magnet compatible mirror stand and optical grade front surface mirror allows the projector to be placed at right angles from the projection screen and providing flexible throw distance options in cramped magnet rooms.

    * VGA to DVI converter (native DVI video cards on Windows or Macintosh recommended).

    * Participant MRI Vision Correction Lens system for +2 diopters to +7 diopters in ½ diopter increments.

    Note: The projector stand, back projection screen and mirror stand shown above are optional extras.
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