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Faros 180, the most innovative miniature sensor for measuring single channel ECG and heart rate variability (HRV) has now become dust- and waterproof (IP67), making it your one-stop for mobile physiology recording in any environmental or weather conditions. The waterproof Faros 180 not only goes where you go, it does so, whatever it takes to get the job done.

Along with its 3D acceleration sensors for total health, well being and activity control and its ability to detect and record cardiac events such as tachy- and bradycardia, cardiac cycle pauses and atrial fibrillation, the Faros 180 sports an impressive array of measures that permit deep insights into cardiovascular parameters. The 3D acceleration data recorded can also be used to derive respiration cycle information up to mid-level activity, further adding to the power the Faros 180 provides.

But the Faros 180 does not only record and store ECG, HRV and 3D acceleration data on its built-in 4 GB data storage, it can also send it wirelessly over Bluetooth for online/realtime analysis and for HRV health training.

* All prices given are for B2B and thus exclusive of VAT.

eMotion Faros 180, IP67

  • ECG measurements can be taken with up to 1000 Hz both in Online and in Offline/Holter mode, in keeping with HRV guidelines. The Faros 180° also includes a highly sensitive 3D acceleration sensor for realtime physical activitiy tracking with up to 100 Hz and with flexible sensitivity settings to adapt to any measurement environments and levels of expected activity.

    Markers that denote the occurence of events during the recording can be entered with simple presses on the large central button in the middle of the Faros device.

    The internal memory capacity can hold more than 19 days worth of raw ECG, HRV and 3D acceleration data recorded at full speed and up to 180 days worth of data with typical configurations. The data can easily and quickly be downloaded to any PC or Mac via USB HD direct data access.

    The Faros 180° (IP67) kit includes one Faros 180° device, a 3-Lead ECG cable, a USB data cable and the Faros Manager Software.

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