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Skin Conductance Electrode Paste especially formulated for recording galvanic skin response / electrodermal activity. EDALYT is a non-drip, non-staining, water-soluble electrolyte gel with 0.5% salinity and is suitable as a replacement for the no longer available TD-246 paste.


Quantitative and qualitative comparisons with established isotonic electrolytes (e.g. TD-246) yielded the expected GSRs to typical provocations (Valsalva maneuver, listening to jokes), and also concordant suppressed or absent GSRs over scar tissue, and similar artifact profiles over dry skin.

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EDALYT GSR Electrode Gel, 100g

  • - Isotonic paste for skin resistance-/-conductance measurements.
    - Special formulation with 0.5% NaCl in a neutral electrolyte base.
    - Conforms to guideline: Psychophysiology, 49 (2012), 1017-1034.
    - Practically unlimited shelf life thanks to specific gel components.
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