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The SV-6011 is the perfect compromise between ease-of-use and technical sophistication. 

Designed specifically for MR use, the SV- 6011 projector can be mounted at the rear of any field strength magnet without any need for a special wave guides or lenses. And with XVGA resolution (1024x768), GUI accessible color calibration, and electronic shutter features it supports even the most demanding applications.

And unlike commercial projectors adapted to work in the MR, the lens and brightness of the SV-6011 are matched exactly to the MR environment, so you get just the image you want, without overfilling or blinding brightness.

SV6011 MR Projection System

  • The SV-6011 is a color LCD projection system spceifically designed for MR use.

    The SV-6011 system accepts XVGA (1024x768) input, or NTSC/PAL video inputs (400 x 600) using the optional VGA converter.

    The SV-6011 system consists of an LCD projector, typically located at the rear of the magnet, a video interface/power supply located in the control room, and a liquid cooling system located in the equipment room.

    The projector displays images on a rear projection screen that can be placed right outside the scanner bore using a projection stand or can be fixed to the inside of the scanner bore using Velcro mounts. The patient views the projected images using a coil-mounted mirror.

    The projector is mounted on a mobile stand that can be moved easily, e.g. for access to the rear scanner bore . The In-bore™ screen attaches to inside of the bore using Velcro mounts that can also be easily removed.

    Visual/Optical Specifications

    * Field of View (FOV) 30 degrees horizontal (nominal)
    * LCD response times (10-90% luminance)
    * On (typical/max) 8/40 ms
    * Off (typical/max) 40/60 ms
    * Typical frequency of 20 Hz, maximum frequency 10 Hz
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