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Real Eye RE-5721™ - Easily add state-of-the-art eye tracking to your fMRI visual stimulation setup with the Real Eye RE-5700 series.

RE5721 MR Eye Tacking System

  • The RE-5721 is the perfect companion to any LCD based projection system.

    It shows you if your subjects are attending the stimuli shown and can be combined with a video-based eye-tracker to get real-time information about eye movement.

    The RE-5721 is simple, because the illuminator and eye imager are built right into the patient’s viewing mirror. Set up takes only seconds, so you can say goodbye to the agony of long-range camera solutions.

    The RE-5721 is safe, because all components inside the bore are glass or plastic. And because there are no electrical parts inside the bore, you never have to worry about noise or artifacts. Any magnet. Any time.

    For research applications that require only monocular eye monitoring / tracking, have a look at the single channel RE-5701 version.
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