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The market leading software system for ECG data based HRV diagnosis, biofeedback and training.

Study version, adding fully featured module for scientific studies and analyses to HRV Scanner Professional version.

* All prices given are for B2B and thus exclusive of VAT.

HRV Scanner Study

  • - Complete HRV analysis and HRV Biofeedback training system.
    - Professional Version: Database for up to 10.000 subjects.
    - Complete with study module for scientific studies & analyses.
    - Includes many Online and Offline HRV tests and trainings.
    - Online Respiratory Sinus Arrythmia (RSA) testing and analysis.
    - Online Short-Term-HRV Analysis with 5 minute measurement.
    - Real-time FFT analysis with Biofeedback based HRV training.
    - HRV Supine/Standing testing and many more online methods.
    - Offline Long-Term HRV Analysis based on extended records.
    - All methods/analyses with comparison to relevant age groups.
    - Fully compatible with eMotion Faros 90°/180°/360° sensors.
    - Full Bluetooth transmission functionality for Faros 180°/360°.
    - Includes 2 hours of end user training via TeamViewer session.
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