The optimal selection for teaching or mass-evaluations.

E-Prime® 3.0 annual group licenses add the level of flexibility and power that allow to conduct even the most demanding experiments, while keeping you in charge of your total cost of ownership.

E-Prime® 3.0 Annual Group license has the same features as the single user version and also gives you the benefit of an extended period of 3 years of Silver Level Support including full product updates.

E-Prime® 3.0 Annual Group Multi-Licenses*:
Buy 10-19 at 286.50€ (20.0% Discount**)
Buy 20-39 at 250.50€ (30.0% Discount**)
Buy 40-49 at 215.00€ (40.0% Discount**)

Buy 50-79 at 179.00€ (50.0% Discount*)
Buy 80+ at 143.00€ (60.0% Discount**)

** Discount percentages based on E-Prime 3.0 single user license prices. All prices given are for B2B and thus exclusive of VAT.

E-Prime® 3.0 Annual Group License (10+)

  • Create even more sophisticated designs with E-Prime 3.0!

    * Runs interactively on Windows TouchScreen & Tablets.
    * Has several new Slider style interaction objects.
    * Has much improved debugging and inspection features.
    * Easy interfacing with many types of external devices.
    * Many utilities for experiment and subject control.
    * Even more and expanded presentation modality modes.
    * User-friendly package file and ghosting support.
    * Script control to generate more sophisticated designs
    * Improved options for network or ghosting installations

    The E-Prime® suite of applications includes:

    * E-Studio: Drag and drop graphical interface
    * E-Basic: Underlying VBA scripting language of E-Prime
    * E-Run: E-Prime runtime system for E-Basic Scripts
    * E-Merge: Quickly combines single files for group analysis
    * E-DataAid: Uutility to filter, edit, analyze, export data
    * E-Recovery: Recovers terminated, lost or corrupted files